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Unlike some real estate mogul, most people cannot obtain a small loan of $1 million from their father to start a business. For many people, it may be a good idea to start their own business while they are still employed. This tactic offers a cushion for new entrepreneurs to fall back on just in case things go awry with their fledgling business. This also provides a steady stream of income during the early stages when the vast majority businesses do not turn a profit. A limited liability company (LLC) is a business structure that allows business owners the benefit of flow-through taxation, where the income of the business entity is treated as income of the business owner, while still retaining the limited liability of a corporation. Having limited liability means that business owners are not personally liable for the debts of the company beyond their investment in the company. starting-a-business.jpg

崧峰律師事務所 華人工商大展 免費法律諮詢 禮品抽獎大奉送

「崧峰律師事務所中心」將在下週末1月16-17日,參展第35屆華人工商大展 (Asian American Expo 2016)。屆時,崧峰律師事務所經驗豐富的雙語律師將會為廣大群眾免費提供法律諮詢服務,專精各類法律的專業律師將針對知識產權、商業法、遺產規劃和工作簽證(H1B)等問題進行解答。崧峰律師事務所專精各項法律服務如申請美國或國際專利、商標、登記版權、創立公司、規劃遺產,遺囑,信託,H1B工作簽證等。在當天達成法律服務協議的客戶將可享有高達50%的折扣優惠!還不動心?「崧峰律師事務所中心」在今年的華人工商大展中還將贈送$5,000.00美元現金大獎,一台40寸超薄電視,500支精美鋼筆,500套2016年的精緻掛歷,100個特製馬克杯,和廣受歡迎的金葉牛樟芝產品!千載難逢的好機會千萬不要錯過哦!趕快為你的創業夢想開始規劃吧!
「崧峰律師事務所中心」自從王崧峰律師( Tommy Wang)在2011年創業以來業務蒸蒸日上! 公司在美國不但有四家辦公室,從洛杉磯市中心到東聖蓋博谷工業市再拓展西聖蓋博谷聖瑪利諾市一直到橙縣爾灣辦公室,服務範圍涵蓋南加州所有華人密集聚集點,更在台灣,香港,中國大陸,日本,泰國等眾多國家提供法律服務。「崧峰律師事務所」就近方便服務客戶一向是王律師的心願與服務宗旨。王崧峰律師更是在2013,2014和2015連續三年榮獲加州最佳律師獎(Top Lawyers in California)蟬聯三屆可喜可賀!這更表示王律師的優質服務受到同行和客戶的肯定。


False patent marking occurs when a person or company uses patent marking that is not valid on a product that they use, make, or sell with the intent to make others believe that the patent is valid and/or belongs to them. Violators can be fined up to $500 for each offence.
On March 15, 2011, the Federal Circuit established a standard on the issue of false patent marking. Prior to this ruling, trial courts across the nation have been applying two different standards to false marking claims. The established standard, referred to as Rule 9(b), clarifies the specifics for making claims such as the ones made in the case of BP Lubricants USA Inc. In the case of BP Lubricants USA Inc., BP's CASTROL line of products featured their patent number on product labels even after the patent had expired. patent.png

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