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Maintain Your Edge By Obtaining Immigration Visas For Foreign Workers

When your company seeks to monetize a world-class idea, securing venture capitalist support and contracting with reputable manufacturers is crucial to the process. Without skilled employees to attend to other tasks, however, your products may languish in a warehouse. Responsible for a range of duties related to research and development, design and postproduction, workers drive industry.

In California’s highly competitive labor market, locating and hiring workers with the in-demand skill sets is a continual challenge for employers. Often, the solution for the lack of viable candidates is found overseas. Sponsoring a foreign worker is not without its complications. If you desire to fill positions with foreign workers, you are aware of the complexities associated with the U.S. employment-based visa program.

For years, business owners throughout the Golden State have sought straightforward immigration advice from our attorneys at Wang IP Law Group, P.C. Recognizing the impact employment-based immigration has on our clients’ businesses, we offer comprehensive legal services in this practice area, expanding our end-to-end solutions for our business clients.

Our multilingual legal professionals help area companies navigate all steps of the visa application process. We will review the certifications and petitions you submit, identify your entity’s options for work authorization, and help you fulfill documentation requirements. Working with our firm streamlines what is often a time-intensive process.

Identifying Legal Remedies For Your Corporate Immigration Concerns

Our immigration lawyers have extensive experience helping our clients apply for various types of business and investment-based visas, including:

  • H-1B person in Specialty Occupation visa
  • EB-1A
  • EB-5 visa
  • L-1A Intracompany Executive Transferee visa
  • L-1B Intracompany Employee Transferee visa

In addition to supervising the visa application process for your business and employees, our firm represents clients with immigration concerns such as:

  • Citizenship and naturalization
  • Permanent residency
  • Employment compliance
  • Labor certification

When your company’s long-term success relies on a fully staffed team of trained employees, don’t outsource this task to unpracticed counsel. Depend on Wang IP Law Group, P.C., to provide the direction your business needs.

Secure Your Company’s Human Resources With Knowledgeable Legal Advice

Arrange for a consultation by completing our brief intake form or calling us at 626-269-6753. Wang IP Law Group, P.C., has offices throughout California, in Irvine, Los Angeles and Industry. We also staff an office in Taipei, Taiwan.

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What Our Clients Say

I am a long time coming entrepreneur and although I executed the business aspects of my brand correctly, I had no idea where to start legally in terms of rights and intellectual property protections. I came across The Wang IP Law Group by chance, and was fortunate enough to be introduced to the lead attorney, Tommy Wang. Tommy knew I didn’t know where to start but he patiently took the time to explain the sort of intricacies and nuances that may occur as part of a now, happy and successful trademark owner! I will certainly be coming back should I encounter any legal issues. Thank you Tommy!

Valerie C.

Just wanted to take some time to thank Tommy. As a student, I’ve been looking to find my place in the e-commerce market and start a business online for the longest time but never felt confident in the legal jargon of it all. Communicating with Tommy was easy and most importantly, educational. Despite my most basic questions on what is and isn’t allowed or what I should be careful with in regards to existing trademarks and intellectual property, I was treated with great patience and support. Tommy’s help served to be an even greater encouragement for me to quickly get my business up and running!

Tiffaney Y.

I need to thank Tommy Wang and his staff for always being there for our business needs. He’s always quick to answer and has given me much advice on what to do. Tommy, is very straightforward and honest on what you should do with your business and goals! Highly recommend this office for your IP needs.

Edward C.

Tommy over at Wang IP Law Group is great! Very helpful in answering my questions. Knowledgeable in all sorts of different areas. He helped us with renewing copyrights to keep us protected. Thanks Tommy!

Sheena C.

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