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Maximize The Value Of Your IP With Licensing Agreements

Licenses enable businesses and entrepreneurs to expand the reach of their brand while controlling how their intellectual property is used. In order to maximize the return on a license, however, the owners of the intellectual property must create contracts with the appropriate scope and terms.

Drafting a license that is too narrow may limit its appeal to potential licensees. Creating an agreement that is too broad can inadvertently negate ultimate ownership rights. If your company is seeking to monetize and safeguard its IP, it’s vital that your licensing agreements are attractive to licensors while enhancing your long-term revenue.

At Wang IP Law Group, P.C., our team of intellectual property attorneys provides end-to-end business solutions, facilitating all processes within the IP lifecycle. We customize enforceable licensing and purchase agreements for a range of products. We draw on our broad professional and educational experience to design contracts that minimize risk and enrich the value of your IP portfolio.

Identifying Cost-Effective Solutions For A Range Of Licensing Concerns

Whether your potential licensees are located in the United States or abroad, our multilingual lawyers can secure your company’s copyright, trademark or patent rights through a variety of services such as:

  • Designing, negotiating and executing license agreements
  • Litigating or settling conflicts related to ownership, usage agreements, fees or other licensing matters
  • Negotiating technology transfer agreements, disclaimers, privacy policies and disclaimers for computer software and hardware

In addition to our intellectual property services, our firm handles business and commercial matters. When you partner with our practice, you gain access to knowledgeable attorneys who advise on matters related to business formation, governance and litigation issues. Attending to your IP and business concerns in-house helps you conserve your time and reduce your legal fees.

Secure Your Return On Your Licenses By Contacting Our Firm Today

Call us at 626-269-6753 or complete our brief online questionnaire, to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Founded in Los Angeles, Wang IP Law Group, P.C., has additional offices in Industry and Irvine. In addition, we maintain an office in Taipei, Taiwan. Our firm serves clients in California, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Israel.