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Prosecuting And Enforcing Your Intellectual Property In The U.S. And Abroad

Entrepreneurs and business owners recognize the risks that accompany marketing innovative services and products. While raised awareness of a new technology or model may increase revenue, the opportunities for infringement grow. Intellectual property infringement ultimately leads to brand dilution or tarnishment, which can cause a company’s profits to plummet. A business’s loyal client base dwindles when a competitor’s shoddy counterfeits are marketed and indistinguishable from the genuine products.

Even if your company has obtained rights for its intellectual property, enforcing these rights does not fall under a government agency’s purview. It’s your responsibility, and it’s one that requires discernment as engaging in litigation to protect intellectual property can be both time-consuming and expensive.

At Wang IP Law Group, P.C., our team of attorneys advocates for our client’s best interests, legally and financially, when we advise our clients on their intellectual property prosecution and enforcement options. As an intellectual property law firm, we offer a vast range of legal services in this field, attending to patent concerns, trademark issues, copyright matters, trade secret agreements and licensing contracts.

Mindful of expenses, we strive to mitigate the negative impact of infringements through skilled IP prosecution. Over the course of our tenure, we have compiled an impressive record of patent approvals and have registered copyrights and trademarks for our clients.

But out work does not stop at achieving intellectual property registrations. We serve many of our clients even after their intellectual property is registered, to ensure that we enforce their protections, and resolve disputes with infringers or competing businesses.

Offering Economical Remedies For IP Disputes

Should your company require representation in a conflict dispute, our lawyers strive to contain costs by exploring a range of legal opportunities, including:

  • Settling with the opposing party
  • Facilitating alternative dispute resolutions (ADRs) such as mediation or arbitration
  • Obtaining preliminary injunctions and summary judgments
  • Submitting a cease and desist letters
  • Filing Infringement Reports on Social Media and E-Commerce Platforms

When your IP concern warrants litigation, our trial attorneys file and litigate matters in the appropriate venue, either on a domestic and international level. As our attorneys are multilingual, we simplify communication by conversing with our international clients in their native language. We believe that protecting world-class ideas requires a multicultural understanding.

Amazon Merchant Intellectual Property Disputes

Prosecution and Enforcement

Our firm provides extensive service offerings in the prosecution and enforcement of intellectual property on Amazon. As Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company in the world by revenue, it is therefore host to numerous products that may infringe on the intellectual property of others and whose intellectual property may be infringed upon. Consistently protecting products and brands through patents and trademarks is crucial to developing and maintaining the intellectual property behind them and safeguarding the profits and relevance of companies in the market. We assist clients in registering their trademarks with the Amazon Brand Registry to obtain regulatory power and consumer trust in their brands. In addition, our patent agents and attorneys are skilled at detecting trademark infringement, and researching products put on sale on Amazon that infringe on your patents and conducting patent infringement analysis.

e-Commerce Intellectual Property Disputes:

To combat intellectual property infringement, we submit reports to e-commerce platforms (including Amazon) for removal of infringing products. We also draft and send cease-and-desist letters and pursue federal litigation to enforce intellectual property rights at the behest of our clients. Furthermore, we defend against intellectual property claims and lawsuits, including accounts that have been frozen pursuant to Temporary Restraining Orders.

Customs Registration/Customs Seizure/Maritime Disputes

Customs and Border Protection

Enforcing intellectual property protection also encompasses finding and stopping counterfeiters, which requires leveraging the assistance of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Our intellectual property attorneys can assist you in curating and developing a relationship with Customs and Border Protection to help stop infringing and counterfeit products from entering the United States. We provide services to protect your business’s income, reputation, and intellectual property rights by filling an e-Recordation and/or e-Allegation with Customs and Border Protection. These services include submitting CBP Notice of Seizures and CBP IPR e-Recordations. For CBP Notice of Seizures, we file petitions and responses to and work with the CBP to advocate and negotiate release of seized goods and ensure that no goods are forfeited. For CBP IPR e-Recordation, we petition on behalf of clients for registration of client IP through the CBP IPR e-recordation process, which provides protection for clients against the import of infringing products. Lastly, we also help clients file e-Allegations against specific parties who the client believes may be importing infringing products.

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