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Tommy SF Wang Ranked Among Top 200 Most Prolific Trademark Attorneys of 2023 by Patexia, Inc.

The founder and principal of Wang IP Law Group, P.C., Tommy SF Wang, has been selected as one of the Top 200 Most Prolific Trademark Attorneys of 2023 for his outstanding accomplishments by Patexia, Inc. He has been featured in Patexia’s prestigious April 2023 Trademark Intelligence Report.

Patexia, Inc. is an innovative and leading-edge company that specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions in the field of intellectual property and innovation. The Top 200 Attorneys Rankings by Patexia, Inc., is a highly regarded publication that recognizes the outstanding achievements of legal professionals across various practice areas and serves a trusted resource for clients, businesses, and legal professionals. This is especially important in the fiercely competitive business landscape of today. With the advent of platforms like Amazon Brand Registry, protecting one’s brand has become even more essential. Trademarks provide legal protection and exclusivity over a business name, logo, or slogan, ensuring that competitors cannot use or imitate these elements.

Mr. Wang was previously awarded the same title by Patexia, Inc. in 2019. However, from 2020-2022, the USPTO received a massive influx of fraudulent trademark filings submitted by unscrupulous legal counsel seeking to defraud business owners with cavalier promises of easy and quick filing of trademark applications to obtain brand registry on e-commerce platforms. And since a metric of determining the performance rank would be the total number of trademarks filed, the precipitous rise in fraudulent marks resulted in a negative impact in the relevant legal rankings for trademark attorneys who abide by the code of ethics of their profession.



With these aforementioned attorneys and firms disciplined and sanctioned from practice by the USPTO and the Start Bar for fraud, Mr. Wang’s ranking has now been reevaluated based on more accurate data. His ranking was determined by Patexia this year for its Trademark Intelligence Report through a complex and rigorous ranking process that accounted for the registration rate of trademarks filed, total number of trademarks filed, duration of time from filing to conclusion (registration or abandonment), average number of office actions and oppositions per trademark filed, amount of trademarks abandoned, volume of trademarks filed per client, and growth rate of trademarks registered year-on-year.



According to statistics of Patexia’s Trademark Intelligence Report, Wang IP Law Group, P.C. has, under the leadership of Mr. Wang, assisted clients in applying for thousands of trademarks for the past decade. It is worth mentioning that the average processing time of the US Trademark Office over the past 5 years is 10-14 months. The average processing time of trademarks under the firm’s management is only 167 days – just 5 months – which is nearly half of the average processing time for USPTO examination applications. The firm is highly efficient and attaches great importance to the effective prosecution of clients’ trademarks.

Over the past decade, Mr. Wang has counselled hundreds of business owners in a plethora of different industries in establishing unique and long-lived brands, as well as in attaining brand registry on e-commerce websites. He is humbled and honored to receive this award. Although it is personal in nature, it also belongs to the firm’s diligent team and amazing clients. This accomplishment would not have been possible without their support.

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