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USPTO Now Issuing Electronic Registration Certificates

Trademark owners and attorneys alike have pushed the USPTO to send trademark registration certificates in a digital format rather than sending a paper certificate via mail. Overall sending electronic certificates is expected to reduce the wait time for certificates by 1-2 weeks and will provide access to the trademark registration certificates with the click of a mouse.

Well, these requests for change did not fall on deaf ears. Two weeks earlier than expected, the USPTO began implementing its policy of providing electronic certificates to trademark owners. The issuing date for electronic certificates was thought to begin on June 7th, 2022, but the USPTO began issuing electronic certificates on May 24th, 2022.

Delivering registration certificates electronically is now the official method for sending registrants their certificates. The USPTO will now email trademark owners with links to access their registrations. There, owners can download their certificates free of charge. Electronic trademark certificates are also available for download on TSDR.


How can I get a Paper Trademark Certificate?

Many trademark owners will tell you that holding a paper Trademark Certificate can make your dreams of owning your own mark feel real. Many feel a sense of accomplishment from hanging their Trademark Certificate up for all to see, and it can provide a point of credibility and pride for your business. The USPTO has also recognized that trademark owners will still want paper certificates. One has the option of ordering a presentation copy or a certified copy.

Presentation Copies

The presentation copies of a trademark are meant to be displayed, as they are presented on heavy stock paper with a gold foil seal with the director’s signature. The one-page copy also identifies the owners, displays bibliographic data, and indicates the trademark and classes of goods or services.  The presentation certificates can be bought for $25.00 through TEAS. Please note that presentation copies are not registration certificates or certified copies of the trademark registration.

Certified Copies

One may need a certified copy of their trademark certificate if they are filing for a trademark abroad or are involved in legal proceedings surrounding the mark. Certified copies can be ordered through the USPTO Certified Copy Center for $15.00 each, and include the trademark’s status, title, and the signature of an authorized officer.

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