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International Transactions Involving Intellectual Property

Many people who hold intellectual property rights compete in the global marketplace. It can mean many business opportunities to grow and diversify, but IP laws vary by jurisdiction around the globe. Whenever clients raise their profile or move into a new market, there are also certain risks. A knowledgeable attorney can help protect a client’s interests and allow them to build fruitful partnerships in the new markets.

Working with Other IP Professionals

Often, relationships are built on alliances developed with other IP professionals over the years to create global IP protection plans. Typical examples involve:

Helping Foreign IP Holders

The laws surrounding trademarks, copyrights and other IP matters are often complex. The relationship American IP attorneys have with international colleagues means that those American IP attorneys can help international holders, whether filing a series of trademarks or patents, negotiating a licensing deal or joint venture, litigating a copyright infringement dispute, or helping with other matters specific to the client.

Finding Viable Solutions to Disputes

Not all IP disputes end up in long protracted court battles. Some effective alternatives include:

  • Submitting cease and desist letters
  • Negotiating a settlement with the opposing party
  • Employing mediation or arbitration to resolve the matter
  • Winning a preliminary injunction or summary judgment

Maximizing the IP Holder’s Rights

Even companies that regularly do business around the globe need help to protect new products and services. With so many resources and money invested in new products brought to market, it makes good business sense to address all foreseeable IP issues ahead of time and consult an Intellectual Property attorney.