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The main goal of intellectual property rights

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Intellectual Property

Generally speaking, the goal of intellectual property laws is to protect ideas, innovations, and all other types of creations or inventions. It’s not enough, however, to protect the item or work itself, but also the meaning behind it.

Many business owners assume the reasoning behind intellectual property rights is so that these business people can take action when someone steals and utilizes their IP. In a manner of speaking, of course, this is true. But, it goes beyond that. You must dig a bit deeper to understand why IP rights exist in the first place.

The main intent of IP laws is actually to “encourage new creations.” Innovations occur in all industries and avenues of business, and typically excel them forward. A new product may create demand or solve a problem for users who previously had no other means to fix it.

Fundamentally, ideas drive commerce, the economy, and aid in societal developments, amongst many other things. By protecting these processes and developments and allowing people to profit from them, the incentive is present to keep developing. It’s appropriate to say society would not be where it is today without these laws.

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