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Trademark infringement can tarnish your brand

The damage caused by trademark infringement does not always completely encompass a hit in direct sales. In fact, every sale that someone makes while using a trademarked image or logo is a sale that you may be losing if that customer believed they were actually buying from you. However, trademark infringement damage can go even deeper than that.

The issue is that branding confusion can lead customers to believe they have legitimate products, even after the initial sale and use. Even if those products are of inferior quality — most knock-off products are — they can still tarnish your brand if the consumer continues to believe that it is your legitimate product. You may have spent years or even decades on branding. Your image is incredibly important. If someone damages that image, it can cost you numerous sales and hurt your reputation for years to come.

Remember, customers do not always extensively research the products they buy. Consumers may never even learn that they have purchased a fake product. They may just think that the product wasn’t worth the money and vow never to buy from your company again. You’ve lost that potential customer forever, due to nothing that you actually did.

The aforementioned scenario is called dilution. The issue is that your famous mark has a certain amount of value and strength in the market. The illegal use of the same or similar mark by counterfeiters lowers that value and diminishes what your own branding is worth. That’s not fair to you, and the damaged caused by trademark infringement goes way beyond one single sale or the lost income from that sale.

As you can see, trademark infringement is very serious and can undo everything you’ve worked for. Be sure you stay updated on all of your legal rights.

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Starting a new business can be a bit scary. Aside from worries of failure, there’s also the hassle of making sure all legal paperwork are properly filed. I reached out to Mr. Wang (Tommy) because of his excellent reviews and reputation and I am so glad I did. He was thorough and meticulous in answering all of my concerns and took time to find out special laws and policies regarding the kind of business I am starting. I could focus on the daily practical side of starting my new office without worry because I felt Tommy was reliable and took my case seriously. My business is opened and it’s all been a smooth start because of Tommy’s help. I have plans to start another business venture in the next few years and I already know I’ll be coming back to Wang IP Law.

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I came to Tommy for help reviewing a licensing agreement I had secured with a well-known manufacturer. Tommy made sure I understood all the details in the contract and he negotiated with the company to improve my side of the deal. I mentioned to Tommy at my first consultation that we were looking to expand throughout the US and were investing a lot of money to make a big entrance into the market. I did not think I would have my store open so soon but Tommy also has connections with the local area and realtors to help me secure the location for my first store in the Los Angeles area. Tommy works a lot with the local businesses and he understands how to transition from the Asian market to US market. Within 8 months my store was open for business and fully operating. I must recommend Tommy to any business owners looking for help with contracts and improving their side of the deal. Tommy has the knowledge and experience to make sure there is a smooth process to open for business here, and make sure that your company is set up for success.


I think Tommy and his team by far considered the best people to work with in my 16 business years. Beside quick responses to all my inquiries, they also done things right and providing very professional solutions. I’m highly recommending Tommy and his firm to all business owners.

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I have been working on my Utility Patent for almost 4 years. I have hired and fired two very reputable IP firms because with all their expertise and reputation for being some of the top firms in IP Law, I felt a lack of connection and care in my product, time and financial investment. Then I found Tommy and his team. Tommy does not waste time. He and his team are professional and extremely thorough. After 4 years, I finally found a legal team that I felt spent the time to really understand the components of my utility patent. Tommy also very mindful of cost and how and where my money would be better spent. I really feel I am in great hands with Tommy and his team. They have been patient with my revisions. And most importantly, they made me feel that they fully understood the importance this patent is to me. It has been a great and comforting pleasure working with Tommy.


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