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Turning a parent’s clever idea into a real product

Many of us have vivid memories of something unique our mother or father created. Maybe it is an improvised gadget that eases the burden of a chore, or a modified tool that can be used for multiple jobs. The idea might even be rooted in their own history.

It is easy to take the ingenuity of parents for granted when still a child. Only as an adult do you realize just how clever that burst of parental creativity actually is, especially when friends come by and mention how they would have loved to have had one in their own home.

Recently, you may have started to wonder: Is it possible your parent’s creation is a marketable item? And how can you work together to take it from a homemade invention to a patented, sellable product? Here are some things you may want to consider.

Does your parent want this?

Launching a single idea or product into the consumer space is a lot of work. While you may be interested in making that journey, how involved does your parent want to be? It is important to talk to them, openly and honestly, about what it means to patent, market and sell a product.

It is possible they support your efforts, but do not want to be directly involved themselves. The possibility of putting something so personal out into the world could be incredibly daunting. Or maybe they are happy to jump into the deep end with you. Regardless, having that conversation is vital, so you are on the same page before things move forward.

See if it is already a product

You cannot patent something identical to a product that already exists. Nor do you want to sink resources into a product that may not sell or cannot even be patented. This is where an intellectual property attorney may be able to help.

Through services such as a patentability analysis, Wang IP Law Group can provide information that will help you avoid taking a wrong turn.

Applying for a patent

It is possible your parent’s idea is the seed of something great – but maybe it needs a little refinement in order to become a marketable product. Get to the drawing board to prototype and design the final vision. Be sure to include what sets it apart from anything else that exists.

Patenting a product is not a simple process. There are various forms, requirements and other information needs. Slipping up once can lead to a rejection from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This is why many places recommend hiring a patent attorney to guide you through the process.

Building a business

Of course, you will also need to start a business. The Wang IP Law Group can also help with the first step of setting up a business entity to assist you in selling your product. The firm offers end-to-end services, including national and international contracts, manufacturing contracts, trademark and copyright help, defense and enforcement of intellectual property and more.

If you are thinking about turning a family creation into a product, the Wang IP Law Group can help no matter which stage of the process you find yourself.