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Construction companies, wage disputes and litigation

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | Business Litigation

Although construction companies face a variety of challenges in regards day to day operations, there are times when operations can become particularly difficult for owners. For example, when a construction dispute arises, especially if it involves current or former staff members, the disagreement can be very challenging from various points of view. In some instances, a dispute may even lead to litigation, which may bring additional strain into a construction company owner’s life. These lawsuits may arise for all sorts of reasons; in this post, we will take a look at wage disputes.

Wage disputes arise in different forms, whether someone claims that they were not paid wages they were owed altogether, an employee alleges that they were denied overtime, or if a staff member was paid less than minimum wage. In some instances, workers have valid claims and are entitled to wages that they should have received. In other instances, workers fabricate these allegations or do not understand that they were paid in full. Wage disputes can be incredibly tough for construction company owners, not only because of the potential financial repercussions of a complaint or lawsuit but also because of the damage these accusations can create on the reputation of their business.

If your construction company has been accused of wage and hour violations, it is imperative to examine the details surrounding the situation and pinpoint the proper course of action. The way in which these cases are approached can have a significant impact on not only the outcome of a case but the future of a construction company as well. Please read through our website for more information on this matter.