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Takeaways from the 2019 Intellectual Property (IP) index study

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Intellectual Property

A U.S. Chamber of Commerce study entitled the “2019 Global Innovation Policy Center International Intellectual Property Index” reveals an interesting assessment of U.S. economic competitiveness.

Polar-opposite takeaways regarding the country’s global competitiveness in intellectual property matters emerged from a recently released and much-tracked American report.

What does the study conclude re: America’s global IP standing?

First, the good news: The United States is looking quite impressive from just about any comparative analysis. This may reasonably inspire confidence in dynamic IP entrepreneurs and creators to focus on protecting their new inventions against infringement. Here are a couple of very hopeful insights that highlight the country’s elevated prominence:

  • A number-one global ranking as the paramount IP regime in the world
  • A number-two ranking in so-called “patent rights” internationally

The former bullet point underscores America’s enduring — though sometimes challenged — position at the apex of international IP systems. An inside commentator on the issue stresses “the brilliance of American inventors and the critical role our patent system plays in promoting their innovation.”

The latter emphasizes what many experts stress as the country’s measured improvement in systematically safeguarding patent rights of American inventors against third-party infringement. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has reportedly been making concerted efforts “to reduce unpredictability in the nation’s patent opposition system.”

Examples of improvement include a stronger and more clearly demonstrated focus on eliminating most challenges for patent owners seeking to gain injunctive relief against infringers. Those have been coupled by the implementation of a new rule mandating that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board use the same standard for evaluating patent claims as the one employed by federal courts.

Are there lingering concerns on U.S. IP law?

The following are just a few representative worries that preoccupy IP-focused individuals and groups across the country:

  • A continuing uncertainty regarding the factors surrounding patent eligibility
  • Ongoing attempts to unlawfully benefit from IP owners’ creations and avoid infringement-linked liability
  • Uncertainty around highly complex issues that routinely arise in high-tech environments
  • Lack of a systematic and effective method to combat online piracy

The takeaway

The abbreviated conclusion to the International Intellectual Property Index report, it is that there are encouraging aspects yet still areas of concern in obtaining international patents.

The report readily invites inventors and entrepreneurs to an extensive legal team. These attorneys routinely protect the rights of a valued and diverse clientele in the complicated realm of intellectual property.

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