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How can I avoid wrongful termination claims?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Business Litigation

Wrongful termination not only exposes you to harmful and expensive litigation, it can also tarnish your reputation as an employer and affect your ability to build your workforce. Accordingly, The Balance explains how you can avoid wrongful termination claims and prevent damaging legal issues from occurring.

Consider whether you’re complying with termination clauses within employee contracts. Even if you do business in an at-will state, the contracts you have in place may possibly override state and local laws. And, while most employment contracts are on paper, consider if you’ve entered into an implied contract. If your worker suggests that the contract was implied verbally, you must show that you took the proper steps to sufficiently clarify the issue with the employee.

Discrimination is another cause of wrongful termination. Even if you don’t participate in discrimination, be careful that the termination practices you use aren’t construed as discriminatory. This is especially important when laying off workers, as you want to show that you have valid reasons for layoffs that are in no way based on race, religion, or other factors.

Lastly, employers are also encouraged to keep accurate records on employee performance. Accurate records can establish the chain of events that led to a person being fired. Protect yourself even further by communicating with your workers about their performance while also offering tips on how they can improve. That way, your workers can’t complain they weren’t aware of the issues.

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