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Protecting your app

On Behalf of | May 22, 2019 | Intellectual Property

At the Wang IP Law Group, P.C., we know that apps are used by nearly everyone in California and elsewhere – from the phone game you play while waiting for your coffee to brew to the program you open to check your bank account. We also know that, like other forms of intellectual property, apps can be infringed upon.

Consider, for example, a phone game that turns into a popular app downloaded by millions. Suppose another game developer attempts to ride on the success of this game, developing one that has similarities to the original, down to the animation style and gameplay premise? You might say that the second developer copied the first game for his or her benefit and infringed on its trademark.

Forbes has provided several suggestions to protect your app, whether it is still in the development stages or already on the market. You may want to protect the copyright and register identifying features of your app, such as its slogan or thumbnail icon, as trademarks. You may also consider applying for a patent for your app. A terms and conditions agreement for users is also a good idea.

Protecting intellectual property can be a complex area of law, requiring experienced legal counsel to safeguard your property from infringement. With the sheer numbers of people using mobile devices and computers today, app development is a highly competitive field. It would be wise to consult with an experienced intellectual property attorney about registering trademarks and writing effective user contracts.