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New bill aims to reduce bad-faith patent infringement claims

Actively protecting classified intellectual property is one of the most highly-prioritized tasks for many organizations in California. The loss of sensitive information can expose a company’s unique strategies and could ultimately destroy their success. Patents for one, are a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and businesses alike to utilize in their efforts to protect their product from being copied by other entities. 

One lawmaker is pushing to educate people on the negative effects that so-called “patent trolls” can have on the economy when they file bad-faith claims alleging patent infringement. The process these trolls follow begins when they file a patent infringement claim with a compelling argument but filled with baseless details. Often, they require the person or entity against which they filed the claim to pay a series of payments before they remove the claims. 

The goal of this bill would be to reduce faulty claims that draw attention away from other important issues and also do a disservice to the economy. People in opposition to this new law cite worries about how it would affect patent infringement claims that are legitimate and do require adequate attention. Others argue that patent trolling has been decreasing for some time now and is not as much of an issue as it once was. As the lawmaker continues to garner support for the bill, he is confident that it will come to fruition. 

If a business is facing uncertainty with the security of their intellectual property, contacting an attorney for help may be a valuable option to consider. With the guidance of a legal professional, they may have the knowledge and resources they need to effectively protect their assets. 

Source: Boston Globe, “Support grows for bill that would curb patent trolls,” Jon Chesto, Apr. 29, 2019