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Naming your business for success (and not regret)

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Intellectual Property

There is a lot in a name when it comes to business. Here in California, we at Wang IP Law Group know the significance of your business’s name and how much you want to protect it. The name you choose has a big impact on marketing success, and it could follow you around for a very long time. Once you settle on a name and start branding efforts, it is difficult to go back and change your mind. A little planning goes a long way toward you loving the name you choose.

To help with the name choice process, a business panel at Forbes put together several tips. A recurring theme is the importance of simplicity. Lengthy or overly descriptive business names are tempting, but can cause problems. Short names are easy to remember, work well on social media and help people find your business in internet searches.

Of course, a short, snappy name is only helpful if it is available. Uniqueness is key. A creative name, especially a nondictionary word, has a lot of advantages. For instance, it is far less likely to be trademarked already. Additionally, an unusual or quirky name is more likely to be remembered and shared with others. In other words, a unique name can translate to more customers.         

Finally, a great name for your business will reflect your brand’s identity. To aid in this goal, one of the panelists provides the genius tip to work backward. More specifically, think of your business’s values, target market and services first, then think of names that encompass those elements. Another suggestion is to prepare for people to ask why you chose your name. You will better enjoy these conversations if you can tie your name to a meaningful story.

With any luck, your business name will be simple, catchy and reflect your business’s brand. Once you find the perfect name for your business, you will want to protect it. For information on trademark services for your hard-earned business name, please visit our webpage.