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How can I safeguard my intellectual property?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2018 | Intellectual Property

As a successful California business, it’s crucial that you protect valuable information that makes your company all that it is. This is especially true when it comes to intellectual property (IP), which can cause quite a few problems should it fall into the wrong hands. To ensure your IP remains safe, Forbes offers the following information.

Document your ideas

From the inception of your idea, begin keeping a journal on its progress. While this may not be legally binding, it can help make an ownership case in the event you end up in court. You should also keep a log of meetings regarding IPs, including a list of people that have attended. This can serve as proof that a person was exposed to your ideas in the past.

Make sure associates have security in place

When working with others, make sure these business associates also have security in place. Even if you take steps to safeguard your IP, third parties may not have the same safeguards in place. You can assess another company’s ability to keep information secure by carefully vetting them before forging a relationship.

Consider professional legal counsel

Your best bet is to have the assistance of an attorney. An attorney can help identify your options when it comes to protections and can provide insight on how to respond if there is a breach. Professional assistance can also help identify just what to protect, as well as how much it will cost to do so.

Navigating issues regarding intellectual property can be tough. If you find yourself up against a wall, it may be time to seek the assistance of a skilled attorney. If you have concerns that your company’s sensitive information may have been breached, or that a future issue might occur due to lack of protection, securing qualified legal counsel is a must.