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What are some red flags to look for when working with clients?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2018 | Business Litigation

If you provide a professional service in California, you know that clients are an essential aspect of doing business. However, some partnerships are more trouble than they’re worth and could lead to legal issues if the problem client claims you failed to deliver on your promises. Lifewire offers the following tips in this case, which can help you identify some common red flags.

Unclear or disorganized directives

Your work will only be as good as your client’s input. In this case, disorganized or unclear statements from the outset are a huge indication that the impending project will be a challenge. Also, watch out for clients that fail to provide the resources you need or respond to you in a timely manner. They could turn around and blame you for missed deadlines, which may lead to litigation down the line.

Questions about rates

While some haggling may occur when quoting a project, be wary of clients who claim your rates are unfair or inflated. If a person doesn’t trust you to accurately and honestly determine a rate for work performed, chances are he or she will find fault with other aspects of the way you do business. Make sure you communicate your process clearly, so clients can rest assured that they’re receiving a fair price.

Problems conveying their goals

It shouldn’t be like pulling teeth to get your client to provide a definable goal. In fact, your client should come to you with a clear vision, even if he or she has questions on just how that vision will be executed. Consider what will happen if muddy directives fail to provide the exact outcome your client expects. You may be forced to re-do the same job, thereby losing time and money. You might also face legal action if your client is seriously displeased.