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Understanding how deceptive advertising affects the consumer

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Business Litigation

When consumers get excited about new product advertisements, they may become so distracted by the potential benefits of that product that they fail to identify misleading statements or even obvious lies the company may make during advertising. At the same time, there are companies that are exceptionally successful at describing a product in a way that makes it seem to be something that it is not. As such, consumers may misunderstand the message and end up being the victim of false advertisement. 

According to the Federal Reserve, unfair practices are those that could potentially cause harm or injury to consumers that is unavoidable. Deceptive practices include those that result in a consumer being misled as to the intention, purpose or benefit of having or using the product that was advertised. Both practices are punishable and can cause detrimental consequences for any business that is involved. 

If people are concerned about the possibility of investing in or using a product that has been deceitfully marketed, they can often lessen their risks by taking considerable time to make sure they are aware of the company and the product they are interested in before making a purchase. U.S. News , suggests that people look online for reviews of the product. Often, this information provides other consumers’ experience with the product, how it worked and whether or not it served its advertised purpose effectively. Additionally, consumers can better protect themselves by only working with companies that are reputable and have a trusted brand.