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On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Intellectual Property

People often view history’s legendary innovators and inventors as scientific geniuses, but, here at Wang IP Law Group, P.C., we also recognize them for something else they probably were: savvy businesspeople. At the very least, we must assume that they had partners, advisers or teams that impressed upon them the need to defend their intellectual property through robust patent, trademark, or copyright protections.

Even if you are a genius inventor, it is likely that nobody is going to protect your ideas for you. In fact, the reverse is often true: we often handle new clients with brilliant ideas who are frustrated and dismayed from catching corporate thieves, patent violators and counterfeiters lurking in unexpected places. Your best defense against these types of malicious imitators would typically be to form a strong foundation of legal ownership of your ideas.

This process could entail much more than simply patenting your inventions or copywriting your ideas. For example, we sometimes have clients come to us for advice on how to help the US Border Patrol block knock-off goods from entering the country. When all someone needs to do is acquire one sample to produce a seemingly endless stream of low-quality imitations of your brand’s product, then it is often a more viable strategy to attempt to close off the market to the fakers.

There are many tactics we use to protect the ideas and business interests of our clients in the United States, as well as abroad. Just like our clients, our creativity and depth of knowledge are among our most essential strengths. Please continue reading more about our firm on our main legal website.