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Protecting intellectual property

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Intellectual Property

Most California entrepreneurs understand the importance of creative ownership; after all, a work of one’s one is something to be proud of. When the privacy or protection of that creation becomes jeopardized, an unlawful act may have taken place. The following information delves into the topic of protecting one’s intellectual property in a way that can promote growth within a company for years to come.

According to the advice of some experts, which was showcased in a Forbes article on intellectual property, time can be of the essence. Most would agree that protecting intellectual property early on in the business plan can ensure protection. Whether it is by trademark, patent, trade secret or copyright, Forbes stresses that each option can require different procedures. California business owners may need to contact the office of the California Secretary of State in order to conduct an online trademark search. Despite the impact that early planning can make on the success of a business, many entrepreneurs are hesitant to protect intellectual property. Some do not anticipate any threats to the creation; others turn to cheaper methods of protecting property, which often prove insufficient.  

Inc. magazine also offers insight on intellectual property protection. Although startup giants such as Facebook and Twitter have shown that one does not necessarily need strong, patentable intellectual property, planning for success can nevertheless be crucial. Other reputable innovators such as Google and Apple emphasize the advantages of protecting one’s creations. To best protect IP assets, Inc. suggests that startups should work with the right professionals throughout the process. Entrepreneurs can also invest in appropriate non-disclosure agreements (known as NDAs). Regardless of the specifics of protection, Inc. reminds readers that patents in the U.S. can take up to five years to process. While there are many boxes to check when it comes to protecting one’s intellectual property, a central focus revolves around starting a plan early in the process.