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Amazon files a patent for new drone capabilities

There are select few mega corporations that the world watches in order to catch a glimpse into the future. These companies are renowned for their innovation - and their resources to act on it.

One of these famous companies, Amazon, has recently received patent approval for a new type of drone. Although Amazon has tested consumer deliveries via drone for the past few years, this drone has a specific feature: reacting to human gestures.

New drone features under patent

According to the patent, the drone is able to release its package in response to a thumbs-up. It can also abscond if it detects an unhappy property owner waving their arms to shoo the device. The device may also understand voice commands.

How to tell if an idea is unique

Many of the parts of this patent are nothing new; voice command technology, infrared cameras and movement recognition have already existed in other forms. However, Amazon is able to patent the entire device because it creates a new unique invention on the whole. Because the drone supports specific delivery-focused tasks, the patent may not infringe upon each individual component.

If you are unsure whether a similar version of your invention is already claimed, you may want to ask for help to detect possible duplication. Filing for a patent without first completing this process can greatly decrease your chances of approval.

Is patent approval easier for large companies?

Some corporations have the advantage of extra resources to produce innovative technology. Unfortunately, this can allow them to act on a patent idea much more quickly than everyone else. However, every patent must enter the same meticulous process for approval.

Small companies and entrepreneurs can equally pursue a new patent in order to claim ownership of the invention. During the application process, legal guidance can be a great asset to closing the opportunity gap between large corporations and independent entities.

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