My company distributes medical equipments and Tommy was able to counsel us on how to edit our trademarks for approval. Tommy understands both US and international trademark laws, so he was able to help us obtain trademark protection in Japan, China, and Taiwan. He also helped us deal with potential infringers in Europe. Wang IP is definitely our go-to law firm!
Rebecca H.

My company's products were seized by the customs in Long Beach. We came to Tommy about the seizure and he was very knowledgeable about helping me file the petition papers and getting the proper compliances to get my merchandise back. I love the fact that he is bilingual as he was able to communicate with my team in the US and the HQ in China. I am very satisfied with Wang IP.
Jia Y.

I'm in the film industry and needed help with obtaining certain footage, so I decided to go to Wang IP Law for a quick consultation. I asked for a licensing agreement and true to his word, Tommy sent me the agreement within the week. If you have any business issues or need a detailed contract, I would highly recommend Tommy and Wang IP.

Tommy is very knowledgeable, helpful and efficient when it comes to writing our contracts as well as reviewing legal documents. Upon our first meeting with Tommy, we left feeling confident that we were in good hands. Since then he has worked quickly for us and always makes himself available whenever we have questions or additional legal needs. I would recommend Tommy to anyone!
Yiyi L.